Medical Conditions:

Obesity acts as fertile soil for most of the disease conditions causing them to grow faster and advancing their pathology, WHO has recommended healthy weight loss as supportive line of traetin many disease conditions has significant role not only in controlling but also in curing these disease.

Other than the people having obesity or just being overweight, a significant percentage of people seek our expertise for medical weight loss.

our treatments has been proved to be of great help in people having medical conditions ,there are two main classification

  1. Conditions causing Obesity
  2. Conditions which are better after weight loss


DIABETES  and  many more,in fact many Healthcare professionals including Physicians, Surgeons, Gynecologist  also avail our expertise when it comes to weight loss

frequently we come across these questions

Weight loss withTHYROID DISORDER

Definitley our program will help you in losing weight and that all in a healthy way ,our approach is not confined to calorie counting but over the period of time we have develop our own research based protocols to handle with such cases ,surely which is not the usual approach to weight loss

Yes! Surely your thyroid medication can be stopped for ever ,we have  many documented cases ,where patients have been benefited in not even controlling thyroid disturbances but we have now completely  stopped Thyroid medication , to handle such cases we have a separate complete wing where world class Homeopathic treatment is given to patients have any medical issues.

PCOS patient are always advised to reduce down weight as increased fat percentage also makes problem more complex, it has been documented through various research studies and papers worldwide that PCOS and  Obesity has a direct relationship and almost every case responds well if a healthy weight loss done. We have special therapies which works wonderful to resolve these issues, our team have female doctors to address and understand your problems in depth.

Our program is a boon for these patients as it is totally effort less, you need not to go for rigorous exercise, despite you need to spend 2-3 hours a week with us and that all relaxing with us during session.

Increased fat cells in body leads to peripheral insulin resistance, a significant improvement is noticed after healthy weight loss and we have documented that insulin dosages have also been reduced significantly

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