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The ‘Obesity’ epidemic demands wiser approach…

Do you often wonder to how to fight your weight issues? Whether you should follow some fad diet or start rigorous exercises or opt for modern slimming technologies???

The answer to these is, “Nothing if selected the wrong way, will ever work right for you”

“An effective weight loss program is a prescription, when rightly done, ensures cure. The key towards an effective weight loss program should be a 360° approach. A program, even with advance technologies may fail if the approach is inappropriate. This road map is the key factor which only an expert can decide, considering you as a whole. An ideal approach includes minimal Modifications in eating patterns and strict diet must be avoided , Next is strategic approach plan to deal with underlying cause and pathology ( if any), along with this choosing right technology for the person is where the experience will count”.

          In my experience of over a decade, I have realized that each individual requires different technological support. So it is imperative for an organization to have a variety of technology” Here, at the inspiration,I personally understand each individual’s needs and prescribe the best out of the vast range of treatment options available”,she says, The doctor elaborates with a few examples …

          Lets say, in case of a recent weight gain, apart from considering daily routine, eating patterns, stress patterns ,etc my choice of treatment would be a basic level of technology. I would never suggest to go for a very high end technology since that may just be a waste of money. 

          Wherein if a person who has already lost a lot of weight and has now reached a weightloss plateau stage, will need to be dealt in a tricky way and a combination of technologies comes into play. Whilst the approach and choice of treatment will be totally different while treating postnatal weight gain. The focus will be on losing kilos and regaining the shape. To conclude, I would say that each individual has a unique indication and the selection of approach has to be accordingly. Let your expert maneuver gentle changes in your body. Article Published in The Times Of India.

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