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Is losing weight weighing you down

90 PERCENT OF WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS FAIL DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE SELECTION OF APPROACH TOWARDS WEIGHT LOSS, Dr Harjot Kaur With more than a decade of practice and more than 50,000 happy members, Dr Harjot Kaur from The Inspiration answers a few questions :-

  • Why despite of crash dieting and exercises some people fail to lose weight?

Weight loss is fine understanding of psychological aspects of an individual, which is why a personalized approach to address is needed ,rather than mindless dieting or unplanned activity ,which not only leaves an individual drained of energy but also leaves nutritive deficiencies.
  • What has been the formula of success at The Inspiration Clinic?

Unless we know the problem, we can never reach a solution, we consult every individual on their past history including medical/ lifestyle/ psychological aspects, only after understanding the origin of obesity do we design a personalized road-map, which is realistic and not stressful, since people give themselves very difficult targets and harsh approach to achieve them, fighting obesity leaves them more defeated than victorious.
  • What is the role of technology into weight loss?

Each technology has its own indication; we use a fine mix of electrolysis, Ultrasonic cavitation, lipo-laser, vacuum and radio frequency to deliver expected result. All of these technologies are painless and gentle. For instance, E-lipo is a revolutionary technology which is trusted for more than two decades. When one physically exercises, one can only do it proportionate to the stamina, time and above all motivation,Here this technology electro-lipo lysis mimics active workout far more than an individual’s capacity. U-lipo works on sound waves, which releases fat from the pockets and eventually is metabolised by body. Vacuum with radio frequency is very effective in reducing cellulite, it not only removes the fat but also leaves the skin well contoured.
  • Where shall one begin from and what expectations should one keep?

Visit our clinic and meet the health experts, our team of doctors and nutritionists will design a realistic plan for you and help you attain it with the help of our scientifically proven technologies.

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