Life is not perfect but your hair can be


The Photo biotherapy treatment improves the quality, strength & the thickness of the hair by activation of the hair follicles. The stimulation & activation of the active hair follicles strengthens the hair roots, the shaft of the hair & the low-level cold beam laser treatment by its action on the hair follicles can stimulate further growth.

The Photo biotherapy Treatment is one of the most recent advances in the treatment of all hair & scalp problems. It is also useful as a preventive treatment to keep the hair the way it should be – HEALTHY, STRONG & BEAUTIFUL!Stemcell Hair Rejuvenation

Laser hair rejuvenation is an effective non-surgical treatment to stop hair loss. Patients who have undergone a comprehensive treatment regimen have been able to stop hair loss as well as grow thicker healthier hair.


Fall of hair up to about 50 per day is considered normal, provided there is good hair growth. You need to worry and take treatment only if you have 50+ hair loss and poor hair growth; if you have reduced the quantum of hair.


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