Double chin is a layer of subcutaneous fat around the neck that sags down and creates a wrinkle, making the owner appear to have a second chin. It is most common on people who are elderly or obese. A person of average weight can bear a double chin as well, depending on their bone structure, the amount of loose skin and amount of fat cells in that region. It is more visible when the bottom jaw is lowered or the head is tilted down.

Double chins are often a natural result of aging or gaining a little weight. If you’d like to slim down your chin area, there are several approaches you can take.

Best treatment suited for this is MICRO BIOLIFTING, a procedure which will help to reduce down fat depots below the chin.


At The Inspiration, you will be treated with a non-surgical, non-invasive device called Exilis for Double Chin and Sagging facial skin. This technique is also useful for effective spot fat reduction from affected areas.


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