This Festive Season Gift Yourself A New You

It was about a decade back when Dr. Harjot Kaur, the force behind the Inspiration decided that the city needed a clinic that helped embrace us exactly the way we are. She brought a completely holistic approach to the cosmetic industry and ensured that the results were delivered as promised. The rest as they say is history. Today the Inspiration is one of the biggest and the most sought after clinic when it comes to slimming, beauty, skin, laser and hair treatments.

Discovering the Success Mantra

Gone are the times when we would walk into a clinic and were given a solution without proper diagnosis of the problem. At the Inspiration, there are different departments headed by specialized doctors who understand the root cause of your problem and then offer solutions that are customized as per your needs. That apart, The Inspiration boasts of cutting edge technology as their machines are US- FDA approved which in simple words mean that the machines have passed the most stringent of tests. It doesn’t come across as any surprise then that the who’s who of the city and beyond have embraced the Inspiration as their preferred clinic.

Skin & Laser Treatment Solutions

With so many solutions under one roof, let’s throw the spotlight on skin and laser treatment solutions this time. These solutions are applicable for both men & women and there are attractive festive as well as pre wedding packages that can be availed at the Inspiration.

Let’s then read about some of the most popular solutions that one can opt for.

  • Laser hair reduction: Gone are the days of waxing, shaving or threading. Say permanent goodbye to facial/ body hair with the US-FDA approved painless laser at the Inspiration.
  • Non-invasive face lift with Radio Frequency: Getting rid of sagging skin, unwanted frown lines and wrinkles are no longer a worry. Radio Frequency stimulates collagen production which gives firmness to the face. The skin responds beautifully and starts remodeling itself so that you can boast of a firm and smooth skin tone.
  • Ultra-sonic inch loss: Shed those extra inches with the revolutionary ultrasonic technology. You can lose up to 5cm in a single session.
  • Double-chin reduction: Adds that extra edge to your personality with micro-bio-Iifting.
  • Figure-correction: Getting a ‘curvaceous’ figure is no longer a dream. All the top end technologies like electro lipolysis, HIFU, Vacuum, inch-loss therapies are available at the Inspiration.
  • Stretch-mark removal: No need to hide stretch marks under make-up anymore. With the latest technology, it is now possible to erase stretch marks.

So if you have been planning a cosmetic makeover, you exactly know where to head. Rest assured, at the Inspiration, you are just a step away from the transformation you have been seeking all this while.

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