• The Inspiration is a well-reputed brand in Slimming and Wellness operating in Pune for more than 10 years with state of art infrastructure. At The Inspiration’s Clients have shown a proven record of losing weight very effectively and in a healthy way without any side effects.
  • However results of weight loss program may vary from person to person depending on their individual response, medical history, age and treatment opted.
  • As per the Medical ethics and code of conduct and in accordance to Guidelines issued by ASCI (Advertisement Standard Council of India) we do not offer or claim any Guarantee and always educate our clients that results may vary from person to person Testimonials, Reviews, Comments, Photographs, and Videos are of actual patients who have experienced or availed treatment at The Inspiration. Results of treatment as mentioned above depend on individual response and may vary from person to person depending on adherence to the instructions given by our doctors to any individual with respect to lifestyle, physical activity, and dietary modification as per medical history, age and treatment opted. “Inches loss “here should be referred as a total combined reduction in inches while measured by calibrated measuring tape from
    tummy, waist, hips, and thighs.
  • Strictly we DO NOT prescribe any kind of MEDICINE or promote CRASH DIETING, while good Nutritious and balanced diet is recommended and suggested by our doctors and Nutritionist, which when followed give excellent results in almost every cases.
  • At The Inspiration every individual go through doctor’s evaluation before starting any treatment, No treatment is advised without this evaluation and treatment will be suggested only if there is a need, for an effective evaluation, if required, our doctors may advise you to go for necessary examination, or radiological or lab investigations.The Inspiration reserves the right to refuse the treatment in case we find treatment not recommended for a person.
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  • Dr. Harjot Kaur is a registered medical practitioner since 2006. She is the founder and director of The Inspiration, a leading brand in the field of slimming, body shaping, hair, skin, and laser. The Inspiration has been recognized and awarded at several national and international awards.