Every nook, every corner, kitty groups, coffee table, gang of girls, colleague at work even boardroom – No place is spared where this topic has failed to occupy the first place of being ‘Hot & Happening’- come together to bring in some CHANGE.

‘CHANGE’- Did I hit the bull’s eye??- I reckon ‘Yes’, CHANGE is what is needed, this most “talked-about” topic of OBESITY needs a CHANGE!!

A Change in vision, understanding and perception !!

A Change where we stop relating Obesity to just food…

A Change where we stop experimenting on our body with any downloaded ‘wonder-cure’….

A Change where our body is dealt gently to maneuver positive changes in our body & soul….

Lets start this by loving our body, how-so-ever desperate we might be to shed that bumpy pocket of cellulite off our thigh -lets follow the approach which leaves our body strong and loveable rather than shattered and worn-out.

Ask me how- the thumb rules are:

  • Stop dissection of food
  • Set realistic targets
  • Address physical and mental stress
  • Acceptance

Lets elaborate each point mentioned above:

Food:  the primary purpose of food is to stir life in our soul, the last thing ‘food’ should do is to be a source of stress. Practice mindful eating ….

Unfortunately this primary source of life has been dissected and torn into so called pieces of proteins and carbs and fibres and vitamins- these may be very essential for the subject matter experts to study, but definitely not needed for every individual to make boundaries in their own platter.

It definitely does not mean that I say “don’t watch what you eat”- but i strongly emphasise to eat balanced diet- i emphasise to eat for your mind body and soul…

Without good nutrition your body is more prone to diseases, infection, fatigue, mood swings, irritability and poor performance.

So, in the desire to lose weight, switching to strong diets more often than not comes with its own repercussions. Sometimes the effects comes so late in life that our feeble memory fails to relate it to the crash ways adapted decades back…..

Targets: Set realistic goals: Even though we live in the era of instant gratification, weight issues are not a one day procedure but an eventual transition of lifestyle.

When the targets are set very high and the ways adapted are vicious to the body it is very natural to lose motivation. Wherein setting yourself a target may prove to be beneficial in bringing the motivation up, it may be detrimental if set unrealistically.You may come across a lot of ‘guaranteed techniques’ to lose weight & its easy to get seduced and get lost into fog of contradictory and misleading information.

Stress: Modernisation has come with its own cost, at a time where, in the zeal to outshine the world, we press hard against the wall and in turn gain a plethora of physical as well as psychological ailments – Obesity is just a manifestation of that !! So, to cure it, one has to address the underlying cause. Treat physical and talk psychological issues is the first step.

Acceptance: Each one of us is unique. In no way should we reprimand our existence and belittle the wonderful gift of life. Accept the fact that we all are made different and will respond different to each stimulus, love your body, accept it with little imperfections…move baby steps towards achieving your targeted weight, accepting and loving the gentle sways of your soul.

When you put yourself in that place is when your mind, body and soul will support you to achieve your target and you will relate to what it means to actually celebrate being you !!

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