This festive season eat what you want and lose weight

Diwali is the festival of lights, fireworks and, especially, traditional sweets. But with cautious diet plans and fitness regimes, people these days suppress their desire to dig into savouries as the fear that it will make them fat always lingers on their minds. But not anymore! The Inspiration, with an ..Continue Reading

Is losing weight weighing you down

90 PER CENT OF WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMS FAIL DUE TO INAPPROPRIATE SELECTION OF APPROACH TOWARDS WEIGHT LOSS, Dr Harjot Kaur With more than a decade of practice and more than 50,000 happy members, Dr Harjot Kaur from The Inspiration answers a few questions Why despite of crash dieting and exercises ..Continue Reading

The ‘Obesity’ epidemic demands wiser approach…

Do you often wonder to how to fight your weight issues? Whether you should follow some fad diet or start rigorous exercises or opt for modern slimming technologies??? The answer to these is, “Nothing if selected the wrong way, will ever work right for you” An effective weight loss program ..Continue Reading

5 Mistakes to avoid while losing weight

A great percentage of people start their new year with the resolution to lose weight and end up losing motivation instead- it’s time to introspect. The five biggest mistakes people make when they take up weight loss resolutions are: 1.Setting unrealistic targets: Weight issues are not a one day procedure ..Continue Reading

This Festive Season Gift Yourself A New You

It was about a decade back when Dr. Harjot Kaur, the force behind the Inspiration decided that the city needed a clinic that helped embrace us exactly the way we are. She brought a completely holistic approach to the cosmetic industry and ensured that the results were delivered as promised. ..Continue Reading

Overcoming Weighty Hurdles

KNOW THY EXPERT Dr HarjotKaur is the go-to doctor for all your weight-loss and figure-maintaining needs (Something all women look for!). How, you ask? Well, this beautiful lady heads The Inspiration Clinic, where you can get a plethora of amenities—tram slimming, beauty, skin, laser, hair treatments—to give you the results ..Continue Reading

But Naturally

 Sandra Edmonds was inspired by both the good doctor and her place of wellness. Nestled in a salubrious nook, bang opposite Joggers Park in Kalyani Nagar, the Inspiration Clinic sends off the most soothing vibes. Its almost as if you are naturally tuning into your beautiful version even before you ..Continue Reading

Opt for laser, ditch that razor

Dr Harjot Kaur of Inspiration Clinic, says, Today the operative word is Forever its only and only with laser that the end is in sight; an end where you dont have to peep into the armp its to decide which dress to wear. An end where the hair on your ..Continue Reading

Get the wow look, with a little help from us!!

I think I speak for all women when I say we want to feel beautiful.Not just look beautiful, but feel it. Feel it from the inside out, radiate it, embrace it. And this time of the year, the mood is all festive, we want to wear our best, look our ..Continue Reading


Every nook, every corner, kitty groups, coffee table, gang of girls, colleague at work even boardroom – No place is spared where this topic has failed to occupy the first place of being ‘Hot & Happening’- come together to bring in some CHANGE. ‘CHANGE’- Did I hit the bull’s eye??- ..Continue Reading