Nestled in a salubrious nook, bang opposite Joggers Park in Kalyani Nagar, the Inspiration Clinic has been serving its guests since last 10 years. The Inspiration Clinic offers a complete range of medical solutions for hair, skin, and body. The Inspiration’s Laser treatments are safe for all skin types and colors and are also suitable for anyone. Till date, thousands of clients have been successfully treated through I-Lipo and U-Lipo (UltraSonic Lipolysis) for Slimming, Weight loss & Body Shaping. With over a decade of practice in our wake, we have adroitly turned frowns into smiles of over 50,000 people who have sought our help. With a state-of-the-art infrastructure sprawled over 3,000 sq ft and backed by an experienced team of doctors, dieticians and physiotherapists, we have left no stone unturned.

We are inspired by ‘You’ and that is why we do our best to ensure that the main focus is always ‘You’. We take our philosophy of a direct and personal approach’ seriously. We truly believe that the person who steps over the threshold of the Inspiration is unique and has had to fight some very personal demons, both physically and psychologically, to have encountered those types of weight gain issues. Here, we make it our life’s mission to ensure that each individual is offered a personalized solution and the team puts in great efforts to educate the individual about understanding the concept of our treatments. The age-old belief that if one wants to lose weight, then one just needs to start running and dieting causes disappointment if the desired results are not achieved. It’s a simplistic, myopic and short-term approach to a problem that in all probability started with your genes and got exacerbated over time, lifestyle and eating patterns. While weight loss needs to be tackled in a holistic way, one has to realize that it’s not just a balance of calories. Once you achieve the look you want, you automatically tend to feel good about yourself and nothing in the world can bring you down.

Dr Harjot Kaur – Times Power Woman

With more than a decade of practice in her wake,  Dr Harjot Kaur is a prominent name in the field of slimming and Wellness.

She is the founder and director of ‘The inspiration’ Recently this year in January 2018 ,She is awarded as TIMES POWER WOMEN 2017 -Pune by Times of India group for her outstanding contribution in Slimming and wellness.

Within a short span of time Dr Harjot Kaur has earned a very respectful reputation of treating each member in a distinct way and providing very personalized solutions which embarked way of positivity and self love in each of her patron.

Under her passionate guidance her brand has won the prestigious “International excellence award in slimming and Wellness” in March 2017 by the hands of Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Each year her company has been winning various accolades like “Best slimming and Wellness clinic in Maharashtra” honoured by the hands of bollywood actress Ms Amisha Patel,  researched and surveyed by The Katalyst Research and surveys India.

In 2015 and 2014, her company was awarded as “Most Promising Slimming and Wellness Clinic” by the hands of Mr Shekhar Suman and Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand respectively.

She is regularly featured in various newspapers and magazines like The Times of India, Femina etc for sharing her expertise and her experiences on the subjects pertaining to obesity, Skin, Hair, and Laser.

She is known for her passion towards dealing with cases of obesity, giving it a cutting edge of mixing modern technology with genetic diet patterns of an individual, her expertise is seeked by National and international members.

In the field of aesthetics, she is known name with the list of celebrity guests. Her approach is very practical when it comes to giving an aesthetic upliftment of any body part. She believes ‘minimal enhancement’ to be the key factor rather than trying to change the natural self.
The diehard passion towards her work by this dynamic and young doctor has proved her mettle and is sure Unstoppable because she believes in nothing less than excellence.

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We, at The Inspiration, believe that each individual has a unique personality.

If dearth in this person is identified and worked upon, the person can look more attractive than before and can be deeply joyful. We enhance your beauty and empower you. Till date, thousands of clients have been successfully treated through I-Lipo and U-Lipo (UltraSonic Lipolysis) for Slimming, weight loss & Body Shaping.

From correcting imperfections to nourishing, enhancing, body shaping and anti-aging. The Inspiration Clinic has healthcare solutions for all the care your hair, skin, and body ever needed.

15 Reasons Why Choose The Inspiration

Pune’s most Awarded

State of the art infrastructure

10+ Years expertise

100,000+ Treatments done

Targeted customized programs

Effortless weightloss

Scientifically Proven Treatments

Non-invasive, Non-surgical, No downtime

No Rigorous Excercise

No medicine, No crash diet, No supplements

100% safe, No side effects

Assured results

Under doctor’s supervision

Research-based treatments

Special approach for medical conditions

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