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5 Mistakes to avoid while losing weight

A great percentage of people start their new year with the resolution to lose weight and end up losing motivation instead- it’s time to introspect.

The five biggest mistakes people make when they take up weight loss resolutions are:

1.Setting unrealistic targets:

Weight issues are not a one day procedure but an eventual transition of lifestyle.When the targets are set very high and the ways adapted are vicious to the body it is very natural to lose motivation.

2.Too harsh on your body:

Fad diets are certainly not the need of the hour, the biggest mistake that we do these days is to relate obesity only with food, albeit food is a major factor but not the sole factor. Without good nutrition, your body is more prone to diseases,fatigue, mood swings and irritability. So, in the desire to lose weight, switching to strong diets more often than not comes with its own repercussions.

3.Too many things at a time:

In the zest to lose weight faster, people start doing too many things at a time which rather than proving beneficial may leave the body tired and exhausted. Take up any one activity of your choice at a time and be consistent.

4.Not marking the psychological factors:

Modernization has come with its own cost, obesity is just a manifestation of that. Treat physical and talk psychological issues is the first step.

5.Ignoring pathological aspects:

Certain disorders are known to increase percentage of fat, it is important to screen the reasons and simultaneously address the underlying pathologist .

The success of the weight loss program at The Inspiration has been a wholesome approach that we use along with the latest technology. We start our weight loss program by understanding your body and the reasons of weight gain, which are unique to you and then plan individual approach. After a careful analysis, the role of technology which again is multi dimensional to cater to each indication viz:Ultrasonic Cavitation, Electro-lypolysis, Lipo-Laser, Radio-sculpting and HIFU, based upon the indication do we pick the right technology to attain desired benefits of fat loss or body shaping.

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